If we leave the EU, the things that matter to you at a local level are at risk.

People of Essex - leaving the EU means we risk funding for the environment at the local level

When it comes to the things that matter to us it is hard to put them in order of priority.

Our families, jobs, studies, welfare, the environment, entertainment, culture and just having some fun – there are SO many different things that seem to matter depending on what sort of day we are having!

It’s a bit like a big jigsaw puzzle with jumbled up pieces, all of which we need to ‘make us whole’.

The things that matter to the people of Essex too, are like a jumbled-up jigsaw. We all care about our roads, our health services, our shoreline and our farmers, our high streets, heritage sites and parks – and each other.

So we had the idea to create a real ‘online jigsaw’ of Essex – to make you all aware of some of the things that leaving the EU will put at risk at a local level.

We will be running a series of posts about what you stand to lose if we leave the EU. This isn’t pie in the sky – this is us telling it like it is – the things that matter to you are at risk!


Did you know there is something called the LEADER programme which is an EU initiative to support rural development projects at the local level to revitalise rural areas and create jobs?

Our environment underpins what we do and the eco-system, shorelines, rivers and parks in Essex all need help to be maintained.

We currently get a lot of funding in Essex from the EU.
It funds hundreds of local projects in the following areas:

• Essex rivers
• Supports small businesses & farm diversification in Essex.
• Boosts rural tourism – vital to #Southend
• Funds an increase in farm productivity around the County.
• Increases forestry productivity
• Provision of park maintenance, public spaces, etc.
• Supports Essex based cultural and heritage activities

Back Essex!
Back your environment!
Back yourself by joining with us to stop Brexit today!

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• #Brentwood and #Ongar
• #Chelmsford
• #Chingford and #WoodfordGreen
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• #Colchester
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