4 Reasons For Sticking With It

Sticking with EU - Essex for Europe

Sticking with EU - Essex for Europe

We thought we would bring some sanity and rationality back into the current debate on our position in the EU. The current negotiations are rattling on with mostly negative headlines circling around the PM’s position along with her negotiating team.

We’ve put together our ‘top 4 headline level reasons to #remain’, just to give everyone pause for thought on Thursday. No frills, no drama – just considered reasons for ‘sticking with it!’

1. Britain benefits from a big economic boost thanks to its EU membership.

This translates into an estimated 3 million extra jobs. Germany and France are our biggest trading partners, whilst 50% of our exports go to EU countries.
This means that foreigners can work in the UK.

Some argue that the flow of immigrants, most of whom are young and keen to work, would fuel economic growth and help pay for public services. Many British businesses therefore see this as the biggest advantage of being part of the EU free trade, since it enables them to more easily and inexpensively export their goods to Europe.

2. It means we can live, work and travel abroad relatively stress-free.

Membership to the EU enables us to access the EU with relatively minimal VISA issues. Membership of the EU also ensures the validity of UK driving licenses throughout EU countries.

3. Our investment depends on it.

Pro-Europeans reckon the UK’s status as one of the world’s biggest financial centres will come under threat if it is no longer seen as a gateway to the EU for the likes of US banks.

4. Our international status would suffer, including our military influence.

Regarding the influence of the UK in the world, many believe that America will now consider Britain to be a less useful ally if it was detached from Europe.

As The Economist puts it, the most likely outcome is that Britain would find itself ‘as a scratchy outsider with somewhat limited access to the single market, almost no influence and few friends. And one certainty: that having once departed, it would be all but impossible to get back in again.’

1 thought on “4 Reasons For Sticking With It

  1. Wishing you guys all the best with your Camoaign
    Somehow in the face of predominantly pro-brexit media we all need to reach lied-to Leavers with facts to influence their rumbling of Brexit
    And to encourage MPs to vote for adding a 3rd option into the withdrawal bill that disgracefully doesn’t yet include it as only accepted A50 proposal or exiting EU.
    Then to vote to revoke A50

    Twitter londonkiltmake1

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