Campaigning In London!

We have been on the campaign trail in London today!
admin / 11th December 2017

Today, we’re battling the snowy weather, armed with our Essex and EU flags, out in London on an open top bus! We have been to Regent Street, Trafalgar Square, and all around the square mile as we campaign to promote the issues surrounding the vote in Parliament this evening. We’re thankful to all of our supporters today! Parliament needs to…

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What does the EU mean for students?

Essex for Europe - what does brexit mean for students
admin / 28th November 2017

S – is for Students What does the EU mean for students? The EU currently provides the opportunity for UK students to study in Europe, and allows students in Europe to study in the UK – with access to financial support.   Studying abroad within the EU not only provides UK students with an education from a world-class university at…

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Restaurants fear Brexit will turn boom to bust

Restaurants fear Brexit will turn boom to bust - Essex for Europe
admin / 21st November 2017

A quarter of the 3 million people in Britain’s hospitality sector are EU nationals. Many are going, with few arriving to replace them. The restaurant and fast food businesses are among those sectors likely to be hardest hit, as the industry relies heavily on overseas workers. The Office for National Statistics estimates that 68,000 EU nationals are employed in the…

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Students would change Brexit vote

Students Change Brexit - Essex for Europe
admin / 21st November 2017

Students would change their Brexit vote if they could Student Leave voters report how, in light of recent events, they would change their vote if they could. The extent to which the country’s students were against Brexit in the EU referendum has been revealed in a startling new analysis which has shown that, for every one who voted Leave, almost six voted…

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The EU Withdrawal Bill & Animal Neglect

admin / 21st November 2017

The Tory Government has outdone itself when it comes to neglecting animal rights this week – by voting that all animals (apart from humans, of course) have no emotions or feelings, including the ability to feel pain. This is compounded by their desire to bring back a return to fox hunting. Remember all that campaigning against the badger cull and…

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4 Reasons For Sticking With It

Sticking with EU - Essex for Europe
admin / 10th November 2017

We thought we would bring some sanity and rationality back into the current debate on our position in the EU. The current negotiations are rattling on with mostly negative headlines circling around the PM’s position along with her negotiating team. We’ve put together our ‘top 4 headline level reasons to #remain’, just to give everyone pause for thought on Thursday. No…

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Essex for Europe

admin / 12th January 2017

We have our first meeting on the 18th Jan 2017. Join us on facebook to find out more.